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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is distributing food and medical supplies to communities in St. Catherine that have been marooned by flooding and land slippages associated with hurricane Wilma.
St. Catherine Parish Disaster Co-ordinator, Patricia Lewis told JIS News that cleaning agents, food and medical supplies have been delivered to persons in communities, such as Colbeck in Old Harbour, Caymanas Bay, Hartlands and Glade. Residents in other areas, including Big Pond, sections of Old Harbour, Nightingale Grove and Bushy Park would also receive supplies.
The distribution exercise, spearheaded by the ODPEM, was carried out by members of the St. Catherine Parish Disaster Committee, including the Poor Relief, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.
“We are trying to prioritise and assist those with the greatest need,” Miss Lewis said, adding that health officials from the St. Catherine Health Department would be monitoring the flooded areas to address the sanitation and health concerns of residents.
Miss Lewis also noted that about 117 persons, including children, were staying at five shelters in the parish. Currently, the five shelters opened are the Bushy Park Seventh Day Adventist Church, Glenmuir Basic, Old Harbour High, Innswood High, Rosemount Primary and Junior High Schools.
She pointed out that 35 persons who were trapped by flood waters in their homes in Nightingale Grove were rescued yesterday (October 19), with the operation spearheaded by the Jamaica Defence Force, the Jamaica Fire Brigade and the Red Cross. She added that boats loaned by two volunteers in the parish were also used in rescuing persons trapped in their homes in the Big Pond community.
Miss Lewis explained that persons in flood prone communities were urged to leave their homes, but some refused.

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