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Local Government and Community Development Minister, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, says plans are underway to construct a market in the resort town of Negril.

Mr. McKenzie said he visited the proposed project site and has seen the designs, adding that “I was told by the technical team that the cost will be somewhere between $60 and $75 million for the construction”.

The Minister further indicated that the project is expected to commence during the 2019/20 fiscal year.

He was speaking with JIS News following a recent stakeholder meeting at the Negril Community Centre.

Mr. McKenzie said the market forms part of planned infrastructure developments for Negril which are being fast-tracked.

He said the Government is fully committed to developing the island’s coastal towns, and cited Negril as “one of the gems that we have to protect.”

“We are fully aware of Negril’s contribution to tourism and the economy in general. We are also aware of how important it is for us to continue to protect our national assets and also for us to do whatever we can to allow resort areas like Negril to fully maximize their potential,” the Minister said.

Meanwhile, Mr. McKenzie said he is pleased with the extent of communication between the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders, noting that “great things can happen when persons are open to having dialogue”.

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