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The Marcus Garvey Youth Information Centre (YIC) is slated to open tomorrow (Aug. 19) in St. Ann.
The facility, named in honour of the late National Hero and son of St. Ann, will be sited at the Marcus Garvey Skills Training Centre in the parish. It is a project of the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD), which is the youth arm of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.
Among the features are: a cyber centre with over 14 computers, rap room where young people can share ideas, an area for physically-challenged youth, and a Garvey memorial area, which will provide information on Garvey’s life and work.
Portfolio Minister, Olivia Grange and Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for youth affairs in the Ministry, Senator Warren Newby, are expected to be the main speakers at the opening ceremony.
Director of the NCYD, Roberta Brown Ellis, said that the facility is expected to reach hundreds of young people in the parish.
“The programmes offered by this new YIC will be holistic in engaging young people. Many young people have benefitted from the five other YICs already established across the island and I am confident that this new centre will be effective in positively impacting youth,” she said.
Youth Empowerment Officer in charge of the YIC, Gavin Myers stated that the centre “encapsulates Garvey’s mission, vision, presence and relevance in the 21st century.” He said that it will serve as a “platform for continuous youth development in a grounded and culturally relevant way”.
“It is a youth-friendly environment with friendly staff to support young people,” he added.
The YICs, which have been established across the island, aim to empower young persons by providing them with counselling and relevant information on scholarships, education and training opportunities, and entrepreneurial programmes, among other things. They also serve to encourage the youth to participate in sound social activities.
Jamaica and the wider international community celebrated the 123rd anniversary of Garvey’s birth on Tuesday, August 17.

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