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Minister of Agriculture, Roger Clarke has indicated that the sanitary and heath facilities on the Pedro Cays will be upgraded.
He also emphasised that the Fisheries Division would not be tolerating unauthorised or unlicensed persons on the Cays.
“As most of you are aware, the annual licensing exercise of fishers and vessels that operate from this area was completed at the end of January,” the Minister told the audience at the official re-opening of the Fisheries Division Black River sub-station in St. Elizabeth, recently.
He pointed out that the refurbishing of the sub-station was part of the first phase of a three-year comprehensive development plan by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica to upgrade and retool the Fisheries Division infrastructure.
“The Black River sub-station now has a new pumping system as well as a 5,000 gallon tank, which has been set up above ground in a reinforced concrete vault.this is considered to be much more environmentally friendly and indeed more durable than the old system of underground steel tanks,” he said.Mr. Clarke noted that by next month another four sub-stations should be upgraded and re-opened.
“These will be at Port Maria, Alligator Pond, Port Royal and Rae Town. Our goal is to have at least 11 of the island’s 22 sub-stations fully refurbished and running effectively by year end,” he said.The Minister made a special appeal to the customers who would be using the re-opened facility.
“All fishers from Black River, Frenchman’s Cove, Long Acre, Parottee, Fort Charles, Scott’s Cove and Billy’s Bay, I implore you to take care of the station and to observe all the safety regulations, which include no smoking or use of cellular phones while on the compound, especially when fuel is being delivered,” he said.
The Black River sub-station was closed to the public in 2001.

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