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Corporate Communications Director for Sandals, Leo Lambert, has said that many of the country’s senior citizens had a lot more to contribute to the country’s development.
He suggested that the nation’s Values and Attitudes Programme could benefit significantly from the vast experience and knowledge that these seniors could share with younger Jamaicans.
Mr. Lambert emphasised that too many of the nation’s “strong and bright” older persons were in retirement, although they were still capable of playing effective roles to help take the country forward.
He was the guest speaker at the St. Ann and Trelawny National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC) awards ceremony on Thursday (Sept. 25), organised in collaboration with the hotel, under the theme, “Promoting Quality of Life for an Aging Society”, at Circle ‘B’ Farms, in Priory, St. Ann.”The concept of being ‘old and retired’, all resides in the mind,” Mr. Lambert said, pointing out that some of the nation’s most patient teachers and nurses, for example, who could be utilised for tutorial, were in retirement”.
Noting that Jamaicans needed to maintain their national identity, the communications director said that by capitalising on the experience and knowledge of older persons, the country could help to preserve its history and culture, and pass it on to future generations.
On the subject of crime and violence, Mr. Lambert said that senior and retired policemen and women could play a greater role, by utilising their experiences to take charge of administrative duties, while the younger officers be deployed to duties on the road.
Several senior citizens from the St. Ann and Trelawny branches of the NCSC were rewarded for their contribution to the movement, and community development.
The awardees include, Angella Brown, Etta Simmonds, Lerone Henry, Stafford Subrite, Dr. Danielle Robb, Dr. Jeffrey Walcott, and Lasco Distributors in St. Ann; as well as Roy Barnett, Elkanah Gillings, Keith Russell and Ashley Hayden from Trelawny, who were presented with certificates of appreciation, among other tokens. A plaque from Sandals was presented to Carmen Wilson, NCSC parish co-ordinator, for her invaluable commitment to service.
Cultural items were performed by the Bamboo Basic School, the Muir House senior citizens’ group and members of the Trysee cultural group in St. Ann.

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