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More than 120 businesses and organisations in the New Kingston community have confirmed their participation in the upcoming New Kingston Earthquake Drill on June 7.
The number is expected to increase in the upcoming weeks, as many more are scurrying to receive earthquake sensitisation training from the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM).
The drill will cover business entities east along St. Lucia Avenue, North onto Trafalgar Road and West along Holborn Road and South ending at Dominica Drive.
Gary Francis, Chair of the Internal Business and Management Committee for the New Kingston Earthquake Drill disclosed that these companies have been properly sensitised as far as the drill is concerned.
“Having identified all of these companies, we have trained most emergency wardens,” he said at a recent JIS ‘Think Tank’.
These wardens are crucial to the success of the drill. They are the persons who will have the responsibility of spearheading the evacuation of staff from buildings.
Most of these businesses have in place a basic earthquake response plan, which include designated safety wardens on each floor.
The ODPEM is still inviting businesses to participate in the drill. “We are more than willing to incorporate those businesses which already have certain requirements, such as safety wardens, in place and are willing to follow through on the basic steps that are required to respond to a real event,” Nadine Newsome, a member of the planning committee for the drill informed.
The drill is set to coincide with the anniversary of the June 7, 1692 earthquake that destroyed Port Royal, resulting in the death of more than 2,000 residents.

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