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Local manufacturers are being urged to increase their knowledge of trade practices so as to protect their products from unfair tactics employed by players in the international market.
The call came from Executive Director of the Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission, Andrea Marie Brown, as she addressed a recent Business and Technology Expo hosted by Mandeville Weekly at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville.
“In order for Jamaican manufacturers and exporters to maintain share that they have gained in overseas markets, they must acquire increased knowledge of potential barriers and implement strategic planning to ensure that their products are not targeted. This kind of proactivity may be necessary for exporters to gain and hold on to market share abroad,” she stated.
The five-member Commission is empowered under law and in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules, to foster fair competition and equity in international trade, by vigorously enforcing and implementing laws, which enhance fair trading practices.
It investigates complaints regarding the sale of dumped and subsidised goods in Jamaica and institutes measures to deal with injury to domestic industries caused by illegal or unfair imports.
“There must be a demonstration that there exists a link between the dumping and injury, and that the injury caused by any other factor is not attributed to the dumped imports,” Miss Brown stated.
Jamaica is one of two Caribbean territories already equipped to handle issues associated with dumping. The other country is Trinidad and Tobago.
The Anti-dumping and Subsidies Commission also promotes public awareness of Jamaica’s trade remedies.

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