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Young people from Mandeville in Manchester supported the Jamaica Information Service’s (JIS) Haiti relief effort on Saturday (January 23), staging a ‘One Million Can Walk for Haiti’ fundraising drive in the Manchester capital.
The youngsters were drawn from Young Women with a Purpose (Y-WoP) founded by Manchester Festival Queen 2009, Lanisia Rhoden, and A Brighter Day Foundation, a non-profit organisation geared towards the development of children.
After a clothing drive at Mandeville Park, the youngsters, with donation tins in hand, walked throughout the town of Mandeville, soliciting funds from residents and business people for the Haiti cause.
“The response was quite good, persons made contributions in both cash and kind,” said Miss Rhoden. “We are very grateful that we could do something for the earthquake victims in Haiti. It won’t be a large amount of money, but it will help the Haitians,” she added.
Representative of A Brighter Day Foundation, Lisa Dunn, told JIS News that her group joined in the relief campaign, as “with the situation happening in Haiti, we thought that as young people, we could come together and raise some money to help in whatever way we could”.
Meanwhile, head of the Mandeville Community Fellowship Worship Centre, Associate Pastor George Langdon, who participated in the event, said he was moved to see the group of mainly teens getting involved in such a worthy cause.
“We see good in these young people, and not just them, but those who gave. As they went around those who gave were not people who have a lot, but people who have needs themselves. Their hearts of compassion have reached out to people, who have greater needs than they do, and that’s the way Christianity should be,” Pastor Langdon said.
The money collected on Saturday, in addition to the proceeds from a Valentine’s Day party slated for the Chaddiz Chateau in Mandeville, will be handed over to the JIS on February 15.

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