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The 1,000 female students attending the Mandeville Primary and Junior High School, Manchester, were on Wednesday (February 3) exposed to several motivational talks, and entertained by a fashion parade and a netball match against teachers, as the school celebrated Girls Day.
Held under the theme “Good Girls, Great Women’, the day of fun-filled activities saw the students engaging in all that was delivered to them, including defeating the teachers in the netball match..
Representative of the Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA), Vivia Ford, noted that part of being great is practicing kindness in everyday life.

Evening shift students at the Mandeville Primary and Junior High applaud Girls’ Day performances on Wednesday (March 3) on the grounds of the institution.

“Great women are kind: They plant seeds that help others to strive. They do not allow the negatives to overshadow their joy, and the joy they offer to others. They strive to do the right thing, because that is the core of who they are, (and) they recognize room for growth and take responsibility for their mistakes,” she told the youngsters.
Principal of the school, Byron Farquharson, said that they have celebrated Boy’s Day, as it was felt that they needed the attention. But, they have now moved to give the girls similar recognition.

Students on the morning shift at the Mandeville Primary and Junior High School, Manchester, performing during the school’s Girls’ Day on Wednesday (March 3) at the institution.

“We want to start them right, give them the core values, allow them to set their sails high, make the right choices and ultimately become great women,” the Principal said.
One of three guidance counselors at the institution, Jennifer Hall, told JIS News that the day became necessary, as there is a need to speak to some of the issues concerning girls, including self esteem building and identity.
“And so, we came up with the theme to invest in our girls and lift them, motivate and talk with them about their morals. That will help them to be great women,” she argued.
For, at least, one parent, Vivia Johnson, Girls Day was important, “because it helps the girls to indentify women who are successful, and take them as role models, to inspire them as they grow.”
She said it was a good initiative, and the children will benefit from the experience.
Former educator and insurance executive, Marcelle Fenton, who delivered the keynote address, urged the students to be disciplined and take responsibility for their actions.
“You belong to a school that has nurtured and care for you. It has a great management team, and great teachers, so understand that you have greatness among you. Be focused, know what you want, and if you want to be great, your friends have to be great. Dream your big dreams, and accomplish what you may,” she said.
For 10-year-old Abigail Brittany Senior, the teachers worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event.
“Girls, let us set our hearts and minds on working towards achieving great things, don’t settle for anything less, reach for the stars. With God as our Guide, we will aim for the sky,” she encouraged her colleagues.

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