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Minister of National Security, Hon. Peter Bunting, is inviting investors to look to Manchester, noting that the parish is safe for doing business.

 “In Manchester, you have a safe and secure business environment to operate in,” he stated, while addressing the recent groundbreaking ceremony for the $1.2 billion MegaMart Mandeville superstore.

 He welcomed the MegaMart franchise to the parish and pledged that “we will do everything …to ensure that the investment goes smoothly, and there will be nothing that you would have to regret for making this investment."

Minister Bunting, who is Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, said he is excited about the project, which he said, will serve as a “catalyst for economic development in greater Mandeville and the adjoining parishes”.

Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Brenda Ramsay, said that the direct employment to be created, in addition to spin-offs jobs from the provision of goods and services to the store, “will improve our local economy."

She informed that the Manchester Parish Council, in approving the project, took into consideration, best environmental practises and the views of all stakeholders.

“Our responsive and responsible approach ensured that this development will take place in a manner in keeping with good planning practises, and in a way that will redound to the benefit of all the citizens,” Mrs. Ramsay said.

The MegaMart Mandeville superstore is to be built over 11 months, with a number of residents to be temporarily employed during the construction phase, while 300 persons are to be permanently employed once it is in operation.

Chief Executive Officer of MegaMart, Gassan Azan, promises that the store will provide a wide range of high quality consumer goods at greatly reduced prices in an attractive and comfortable setting.


By Garfield L. Angus, JIS Reporter