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Several communities served by the Greater Mandeville Water Supply system will be experiencing low water pressure as a result of a damaged transformer at the Gutters Plant.
Community Relations Officer at the National Water Commission (NWC), Karen Brown told JIS News that the engineers were working assiduously to rectify the problem.
“It is a serious electrical problem at the pumping station that we have to remedy.we estimate that hopefully by tomorrow, Tuesday, February 24, service will be restored,” she said.
Miss Brown stated that customers requiring assistance could make contact with the NWC’s Ward Avenue Office in Mandeville.
Areas to be affected include, Mandeville and adjoining communities, Downs, Grey Ground, Spur Tree, Sea Air, Georges Valley, New Forest and Nain.
Meanwhile, the National Water Commission (NWC) said that customers served by the Malvern/Munro water supply system will be experiencing low water pressure and in some case no water at all as a result of malfunctioning equipment at a local treatment plant.
The communities to be affected include, Mountainside, Manningsfield, Corby, Top Hill, Yardley Chase, Brown Berry Lane, Malvern, Bellevue Housing Scheme, Bethlehem, Flagaman, Southfield, Munro, St. Mary’s, Park Lee, Hampton, Seaview, Barton and Congo Hole.
Engineers from the NWC are also working briskly to fix the problem and in the interim the Company is trucking water to the affected areas until regular supply is restored.
The NWC estimates that full service will be restored by Wednesday (Feb. 25).
Customers are therefore advised to ensure that they store enough water for domestic use during the period of disruption.

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