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Former Public Health Inspector for Manchester, Vesta White, has been honoured by the Parish Council for his years of voluntary service to the poor of the parish.
Mr. White served the parish for 37 years, 25 as a member of the Poor Relief Committee.
At a ceremony held on Thursday (Sept. 24) in the Council’s Chamber, Her Worship the Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Brenda Ramsay, described Mr. White as a dedicated servant, who gave of his time and effort to better the lives of others.
“When we find someone, who, for 37 years of his life, gave service to others, it speaks volumes. He has served us well,” she stated.
In his remarks, former Mayor of Mandeville, Desmond Harrison, said he learnt a lot from Mr. White.
“I learnt from him how to deal with the poor. Whenever we would visit the infirmary and he spoke with a resident there, that person always left feeling that they were not poor; that’s the man who served the Poor Relief Committee for over 25 years,” he stated.
In his presentation, guest speaker at the function, and former Principal at May Day High School, Stanley Skeene, commended the organisers and urged other Parish Councils to similarly recognise those who have given honourable service.
“When you think of it, having served as an Inspector, and then gave voluntary service for many years without ever asking for payment in any form, it takes someone with a humble heart and deep integrity to serve so well,” Mr. Skeene stated.
Mr. White, in his reply, said that it was a pleasure to serve the parish. “I thank the Council for giving me the opportunity to serve,” he said.
He said he could not take full credit for all that was achieved. “Whatever we were able to accomplish, it was done through a Committee. We were driven by a purpose to serve those not so well off in our community,” Mr. White said.

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