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Medical Officer of Health (MOH) for Manchester, Dr. Beverley Wright has indicated that a special request has been made for funding to assist with the re-establishment of some 1,200 pit latrines across the parish.
Speaking to JIS News, Dr. Wright explained that there were many households in urgent need, as Hurricane Ivan had “wash out” or “demolished” numerous existing structures.
“We have to move as quickly as possible to replace the sanitary facilities, especially in the high risk areas, as we do not wish to have any major outbreak on our hands.some of the areas we are looking at include South Manchester, Christiana, Pike, Porus, New Forest, Trinity and Downs,” she said.
Dr. Wright pointed out that in terms of vector/mosquito control, a number of steps had been implemented.
“The work has started in terms of fogging, oiling and other mosquito control activities in a number of communities we have identified, but remember we too can play our part by making sure that we do not allow water to stand in any container around our homes for any prolonged period and by puncturing the bottom of tin cans.also a little bit of kerosene properly applied on the surface of stagnant water can work wonders,” she said.

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