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Manchester pig farmer Nordie Smith is the recipient of two purebred Yorkshire pigs valued at some $50,000 from the Jamaica Pig Farmers Association, for being the most improved pig farmer for the year.
Mr. Smith, who was presented with his award at a special function held at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Old Hope Road offices in Kingston today (Nov. 2), was credited for improving the competitiveness of his business, by implementing a bio digester system, which produces methane gas from the pig waste. The process has resulted in the elimination of odour from the farm.
The farmer has since been able to use the gas in his household cooking and has plans to increase production to operate a heater to keep the piglets warm.
Agriculture Minister, Roger Clarke, in presenting the award to Mr. Smith, lauded the farmer’s initiative, while calling on others to find similar ways to maintain a competitive edge to counter the challenges in the industry.
He said that having heard of Mr. Smith’s success with the bio digester system, he decided to do all he could to support the farmer’s efforts. “This is because incentives are things which really help people especially when they have a will of their own to go forward,” he said.
“It is therefore my pleasure to be here to associate myself with this presentation and to encourage Mr. Smith to keep on doing what he is doing”, the Minister added.
The Agriculture Minister also praised the Pig Farmers Association, which he said has been able to spawn some excellent farmers. “I am all for excellence which must be awarded. We have been doing our best to improve pig production and the competitiveness of our pig industry and the pig growers association has been doing a tremendous job over time,” he stated.
Dr. Hector Barreyro, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) representative, which sponsored the award, said his organization was proud to support effects aimed at modernizing and increasing competitiveness in agriculture. “These are the things that are going to ensure the growth of the agriculture sector,” he stated.

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