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Custos of Manchester, Garfield Green, is undertaking a programme aimed at fostering positive values and attitudes and a sense of social responsibility among citizens in the parish.

The initiative, dubbed ‘Manchester Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes’ was launched recently at the Church Teachers’ College in Mandeville.

The Custos said that the programme will serve to restore those core values and principles that make communities thrive.

“It is geared at promoting civic pride in our society, building self-esteem and respect for self and for others, improving standard of living for individuals, promoting law and order, and creating a better community for all,” Custos Green said.

“I have a vision and drive to create a sense of self-assurance and patriotism in our people, and to help all of us to achieve our God-given potential,” he added.

Custos Green said that the programme will target young people, schools, the health and transportation sectors, the police, the church, and business operators.

It will promote, among other things, the establishment of at least one uniformed group in each school, and major businesses will be encouraged to have the national flag flown at their premises.

It will also involve community interventions such as free healthcare.

The Custos is inviting collaboration on the initiative, noting that while it is being spearheaded by his office, partnerships are needed to ensure that the transformative goals can be achieved.

“There is hope, people can change, so I am inviting you to help me to create a society of shared core values of social responsibility,” Custos Green said.

Interested persons can contact custosadmin@manchesterja.com for further details.


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