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Custos of Manchester, Dr. Gilbert Allen, has called on past students of the Manchester High School to support the institution so that it can continue to deliver high quality education.
Speaking at a fundraising and award function held recently at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville, Dr. Allen said the school has “given tremendously” to students and the wider community, but can do much more with assistance.
“Manchester High School has a very long and admirable history. There is an opportunity for past students to step forward and support the school in any way they can so that it will continue to shine and be an accessible avenue for progress and success,” he stated.
Dr. Allen was among those presented with awards at the function put on by the Manchester High School Alumni Association to honour past and present students, and raise money to support the school’s activities.
Children’s Advocate, Mary Clarke, who was also recognised, told JIS News that she was “thrilled” to be acknowledged for her contribution to children.
She encouraged young people to concentrate on their education, and for those in need to seek help. “There are so many persons, who are willing and ready to help, if you can just identify and seek help. Never be ashamed if you need help. Aim for the best always, and put your lessons first,” she stated.
Paulette Goule, mother of outstanding long distance runner Natoya Goule, who accepted a plaque on behalf of their daughter, said she was proud of Natoya’s achievements.
“She is very determined. the family is proud of her. I am sorry that her father died and can’t see her success,” she said.

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