JIS News

The Closed to Crime Initiative (CTCI), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), that was signed recently by the Ministry of National Security and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, has received support from key civic and political leaders in the parish.
At the signing held at the Golf View Hotel, Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan, said the move is most important for the security of citizens as “Collaboration between citizens, community organisations and law enforcement is one of the most powerful deterrents against crime and violence that a society can have.”
In his address at the function, Opposition Spokesman on National Security, and Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, Peter Bunting, noted that the fight against crime must take priority over political differences. “In fighting crime we must have a common front, it (the fight) must have the support of all in the society and should not be one of those issues that we put in the political score pointing,” he said.
Meanwhile, Custos of Manchester, Dr. Gilbert Allen, said the MoU came out of deep thinking between organisations and individuals who were prepared to not only complain when things went bad.
“Today marks the culmination of the dreams and efforts of many of our people, and the signing of Memorandum of Understanding, which we know will enhance the realisation of our dreams. We congratulate the Ministry of National Security and the Jamaica Constabulary Force, for allowing us to partner with them in this bold initiative, which seeks to limit, contain, and eradicate crime from our once peaceful community,” Dr. Allen stated.
Other partners in the Manchester Closed to Crime Initiative include the Manchester Homecoming Foundation, the Manchester Lay Magistrates Association, the Ministers Fraternal, the Northern Caribbean University, and the Central Manchester Returned Citizens Association.