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Residents of Manchester turned out from all walks of life today (May 22) to carry out much needed work on two very important areas of the capital town of Mandeville, for Labour Day 2006, which is being observed under the theme ‘ Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty’. The projects include work on the historic Mandeville courthouse and the Cecil Charlton Park.
Speaking with JIS News, Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Desmond Harrison highlighted the scope of work to be done during the course of the day.
“What is happening here is that we will be painting the courthouse and we also will be painting the perimeter walls of the park, the trees and planting some flowers as part of the parish project for Manchester,” he said.
The Mayor noted that it was very important to try and preserve historic institutions for the benefit of future generations.
“This is our city and for example the courthouse has been here from eighteen something and we think that it is time enough for it to get a facelift. Right now we are putting it back in the original colours and we will then take it from there with the approval of the Heritage Trust,” he says.
Mayor Harrison stated that across the parish some 40 or more projects had been officially registered.
“There are more than two projects in each division and by extension you have other agencies that will be undertaking other projects such as the service clubs church groups and other groups.so right across the parish there will be a lot of activity,” he explained.
Pointing to work being done in the North Eastern section of Manchester near Christiana, Councillor Harrison noted another important undertaking.
“At Cross Roads there is an area there that we are going to use a tractor to take out and plant flowers to beautify that area. Also down in the Gourie Cave area work will be taking place as well as in the Spring Ground area,” he informed.
In the neighbouring parish of St. Elizabeth similar beautification activities are taking place in the town of Newmarket, the site officially designated as the parish project.
Some of the work being done included upgrading of the local mini park which, include weeding and replanting of flowers, as well as the cleaning of the town square and painting of the police station.

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