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Teens and young adults in and around the Swaby’s Hope community in Manchester are slated to benefit from a one-week youth development forum, which will be hosted by the Swaby’s Hope New Testament Church of God.
Pastor of the church, Ernie Nelson, told JIS News that the event, which will be held from August 17 to 21, will target young males, who are being marginalised in the society, through special activities such as sports.
“Last year, we focussed on teenage girls, and there are some positive testimonies coming out of that experience,” he said.
Sixth-form student at Manchester High School and a member of the planning committee, Jessica Henry, urged young people to participate in the forum, as it will provide opportunities for career development.
“It is an opportunity for them to develop their morals. They can develop their spiritual lives, and they can develop their social skills, as we have programmes that will involve all of those,” she informed.
“They will be able to interact with different persons, and gain new experiences,” she added.
Director of Youth at the church, Nickeisha Smith, informed that during the week-long event, persons will be engaged in life-changing workshops, creative expressions, skills training, and visit elderly persons.
“It is a time for persons to come out and further develop their skills, whether it is on a personal level, or on a spiritual basis. We are focussing on both the spiritual and the physical man, Miss Smith said.
All the sessions start at 9:30 a.m. each day.

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