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The Manchester Chamber of Commerce is calling on residents to work within the law, in confronting criminal elements in their communities.
The Chamber made the call after media reports surfaced Friday alleging that a number of licensed firearm holders and business operators, in the parish, had formed themselves into a group to go after a criminal ring targeting children and businesspeople.
“Be alert, be as creative as possible, protect yourself, but if you break the law, we are not backing you,” President of the Chamber, Winston Lawson, cautioned in an interview with JIS News Friday afternoon (October 9).
In a press release, the Chamber stated that it continues to encourage citizens to play their part in restoring the law, order and civility, for which the parish was renown.
“As we do this, we must be mindful that strategies employed should be framed around the law, failing which we ourselves will and must be subjected to the penalties of the justice system,” the release said.
The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras recently installed in Mandeville have put some dent into criminal activities and, through the commitment of time and money, the Chamber said it would continue to demonstrate its resolve to help provide world class solutions, as it promotes business.
The release implored citizens to adopt a higher sense of alertness, as it relates to life and assets.
The Chamber also encouraged various measures, including the revival of Neighbourhood Watch groups, the need to report suspicious activities and individuals to the local police, and utilising the channels provided by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to facilitate anonymous calls.
The attack on businesses or any human beings by criminal elements must be condemned, the Chamber said, as it encouraged citizens to continue as active and dedicated members of civil society, ensuring that “Mandeville and Manchester remain open for business and closed to crime.”

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