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The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) and the Broadleaf Benevolent Society have partnered to carry out rehabilitation work on the Broadleaf Basic School in Manchester.
The facility which cost a little of over $ 7 million to renovate, now boasts three classrooms, a sickbay, an office, indoor play area, three restrooms, a kitchen, outdoor play area equipped with slides, swings and a see-saw.
At the official opening ceremony on Thursday (October 22), Principal of the school, Millicent Pryce, said that JSIF disbursed approximately $6 million for the project, with the Broadleaf community making a contribution of $1.1 million.
On July fifth, 2005, a construction agreement was signed between the Broadleaf Benevolent Society and JSIF, for the rehabilitation and completion of the school. She said the funds from JSIF were disbursed in three tranches, and that the project generated employment for a number of persons from the community.
“At the end of each tranche paper work had to be done, and this had to be done according to plan. During these times many persons from the community were able to meet their economic needs by working on the project. Workers were rotated on a two-week basis, so that more persons’ needs could be met,” she said.
Education Officer, Gene Robinson, said that the Ministry of Education is very pleased that the community could come together and partner with JSIF to construct the school. She added that the building has met the required standard for the physical learning environment, as stipulated by the policy document of the Early Childhood Commission.
“Looking at the building we have here, and matched against the policy document of the Early Childhood Commission, I can truly say that the plant has met the required standard for the physical learning environment,” she said.
General Manager of Human Resources at JSIF, Rhonda Lumsden-Lue, lauded the community for its efforts in ensuring that the students are now in an environment conducive to learning.
“This marks a wonderful process between you, the community, and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, as we celebrate the beginning of a beautiful and dynamic chapter in the lives of all those who will benefit from the Broadleaf Basic School,” she said.
She noted that the immediate and primary recipient, the students, will benefit from seeing their parents and community united to build a school for them and, as a result, will be able to learn in vastly improved surroundings.
Teachers and staff will be much better equipped to impart knowledge and life skills to the children. The community, on a whole, will benefit from an increased sense of pride, in knowing that their children’s future is a lot brighter, thanks, largely, to their own efforts, she said.
She stated that JSIF is committed to empowering and enriching the lives of all Jamaicans, through poverty alleviation, but will only fund projects, where the community is willing to contribute to obtaining the results they want.
She concluded that the community of Broadleaf is a shining example of community-based effort that can teach the nation the need to work together to progress, in an increasingly competitive world.

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