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The parishes of St. Elizabeth and Manchester are reporting very little damage from Hurricane Dennis, which caused significant flooding and landslides in a number of communities across the island.Parish Disaster Coordinator for Manchester, Sherina Smith told JIS News that the emergency structure was put in place very early to offer any assistance needed. “Of course our Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) was up and running from early Wednesday evening and on hand were persons such as the Mayor, Secretary Manager, Red Cross representative and a number of municipal police personnel,” she said.
Ms. Smith said that it was quite encouraged at the seriousness with which most Manchesterians had treated the hurricane advisory.
She noted that the parish was still experiencing some amount of rainfall, which of course had caused flooding to some sections of roadway, “but by far, we have been very fortunate.’
Ms. Smith told JIS News, that as a precautionary measure, a small number of persons had gone to about three shelters seeking some assistance. “Most of the persons, who had for example turned up at the shelter located at Marlie Hill, had done so more as a precautionary measure not because there was an actual need at the time, so they went back home,” she said.
“In terms of real cases, so far we have assisted eight persons, who are staying at the Bellefield school and another 21 at the Kendal Basic School with certain basic comfort items,” she further informed.Ms. Smith explained that nearly all of the persons in the two shelters had stated their intention to return home as in most cases, the major problem they had experienced was ” leaking roofs”.
Over in St. Elizabeth, the story is very much the same, with only a few persons seeking assistance.”We have been having quite a bit of rainfall and there were a few individuals who came to our EOC which was located at the Black River High School for some assistance,” informed Parish Disaster Coordinator, Yvonne Morrison.
“We attended to their needs mostly in the form of distributing some tarpaulins but unlike the time with Ivan and Charlie, we did not have to open any shelters,” she said. Ms. Morrison stated that at the moment she was mostly concerned about motorists who were travelling to Black River from Santa Cruz.”As usual, the Middle Quarters Roadway is flooded out, so my advice is that drivers make use of the alternative route through Craige”, she said, while asking motorist to be careful when traversing the strip at the pumping station near Luana.
Ms. Morrison commended the members of the St. Elizabeth EOC, who had once again turned out to help with the running of the centre. “My word to the residents is that now that we are in the hurricane season, please make sure that you are fully prepared. Go out and stock up on the various items that will help to carry you through should another hurricane come,” she said.
ODPEM Regional Disaster Coordinator, Camille Delgado told JIS News that of all the parishes in central Jamaica, Clarendon was the one that posed the most difficulty.
“There are still many persons who reside in a bad location and once there is any kind of rainfall then there is bound to be flooding. The long term solution is for persons in these areas to relocate,” she said.

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