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Executive Director of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Lenworth Fulton, has said that, through the movement, youths are being exposed to sustainable ways of making a living.
“So many of our youngsters have been told some fancy ways to make a living, but those ways are not sustainable. We are bringing to you a sustainable way to make a living and we are exposing you to some of the skills that you can go out there and make a good and honest living from”, he said.
He was addressing participants and patrons at the Manchester 4-H Clubs’ Parish Achievement Day, on Thursday (March 5) at Kirkvine Sports Club.
Mayor of Mandeville, Her Worship Brenda Ramsay said that the event, held under the theme “Youth Response To Food Security,” was timely and wise, as there is a fierce hunger for change.
She said that the youths have embraced the concept of food security and have seen the need to respond, through their involvement in the Jamaica 4-H Clubs movement.
“The 4-H Clubs movement has always been an integral part of our development in agriculture, as well as in having skills in small cottage industries and home management. The result has been the production of well rounded individuals”, she said.
Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) representative, Winston Miller,said that the level of participation at the event showed what could be achieved with the involvement of clubbites and youngsters in the field of agriculture, agro processing, home management, arts and other disciplines.
He urged principals and teachers to encourage the youths to get involved in Agriculture, as one way of growing the economy and emerging from the current economic slump.
“Today with the downturn in world economies and its effects on jobs and the growth of tourism, manufacturing and bauxite, agriculture is probably the only sector that is poised for growth this year”, he said.
Mr. Miller said that for persons who will be losing their jobs, as well as those who have money to invest in agriculture, protected or greenhouse agriculture is a viable alternative from which potential farmers and investors can realize significant returns on their investment.
The Jamaica 4-H Clubs Parish Achievement Days are held annually at the parish, regional and national level.
The events feature 4-H Clubbites competing for prizes and awards in events such as cattle judging, goat care and management, rabbit care and management, vegetable production and grading, cake making and other culinary arts, uniform making, ‘trash to cash’, organic farming concept such as vermiculture and compost heap.

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