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The Commission of Enquiry into the handling of the extradition request of Christopher Coke has been adjourned until Monday, January 24, while the Commissioners decide on how to progress in the absence of witness statements.

The Commission had originally set a January 7 deadline for the submission of statements, with a further extension for Friday, January 21, however up until January 20, which is the second day of the Enquiry, key statements were still not forthcoming.

Lawyer for former Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin told the Commission during today’s session at the Jamaica Conference Centre, that his client’s written statement would be submitted on or before January 31, while he would give evidence on February 3.

Deputy Director of the Office of Public Prosecutions, Jeremy Taylor, who is in charge of the Extradition Department, will give his statement next Wednesday (Jan. 26) and testify before the Commission the following Monday (Jan. 31).

Additionally, lawyer for Harold Brady, Georgia Henlin, objected to her client giving evidence before the Commission, based on reasons she said has been presented to the Commissioner in an affidavit.

Commissioner of the Enquiry, Queen’s Counsel, Hon. Emil George, however noted that he was not yet able to look over the affidavit as it was only presented to him that morning.

The matter of the objection will therefore be dealt with when the Commission resumes on Monday (Jan. 24) at 9:00 a.m.



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