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The Ministry of Health is assuring the public that community activities to control malaria will continue over the weekend in the affected areas of Denham Town, Tivoli Gardens, Trench Town, Union Gardens and Delacree Park.
Four (4) health centres will remain open in Kingston. They are the Maxfield Park, Hagley Park and Denham Town Health Centres, as well as the Kiwanis Maternity Centre.
In St. Catherine, the Christian Pen Health Centre will also remain open.
Meanwhile, fever surveillance and treatment of cases will be carried out in the house-to-house visits by the health teams.
In the evenings, fogging will be conducted in the affected communities. Additionally, the venues of all major events will be fogged before show time.
Director, MOH National Emergency Operations Centre, Dr. Marion Bullock DuCasse, stated that the Ministry will remain vigilant and will continue its work to contain the spread of malaria.
“We have been working assiduously to implement all necessary control measures and will maintain this momentum. Staff will be at work to ensure early identification and diagnosis of cases and prompt treatment, with vector control activities.” Dr. Bullock-DuCasse said.
Persons are again being reminded to take the necessary precaution to protect themselves from infections. These precautionary measures are:
Wearing appropriate light coloured clothing that covers the body such as long sleeves, pants and socks
Avoid wearing dark clothes at nights as this attracts mosquitoes
Use insect repellant containing the chemical DEET
Sleep under a mosquito net.