JIS News

Major highlights of the activities of the Government in 2009, as carried out by the various Ministries and Agencies, are to be revisited in ‘Year In Review’ stories and photographs produced by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).
The stories and photographs will be published in a ‘Voice of Jamaica’ Supplement to be made available as a pullout in the Jamaica Observer on December 30; placed on the JIS website at www.jis.gov.jm on December 30; and published in the weekly JIS Bulletin Board page, which will be carried by the Daily Gleaner, beginning on Monday, January 4, 2010.
For radio, the stories will be aired on the Jamaica Magazine programmes of the JIS, which are distributed to the radio stations for airing, during the time allocated for Government broadcasts, commencing on January 11.
The year in review stories can also be viewed on the Jamaica Magazine programmes of the JIS Television Department, that are disseminated to Television Jamaica (TVJ), CVM-Television, Love-TV and several cable stations, starting on January 11.

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