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Acting Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington has heaped praise on the Contraband Enforcement Team (CET ), Customs and Police and members of the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division (TCND) following the seizure yesterday at Port Bustamante in Kingston of 12 guns and over 700 assorted rounds of ammunition.
Commenting on the work of the police, Mr Ellington said he was particularly pleased with the follow-up work done which led to the arrests of two women in Portmore, St. Catherine, in addition to a man at Port Bustamante, for a total of three arrests in connection with the seizure.
“We are not satisfied with seizures alone but are determined to seek out and arrest those involved locally and overseas. I am also grateful for the kind co-operation of our external partners. Our ultimate objectives are to disrupt transnational organised crime by denying criminals access to weapons, securing their arrest and long term imprisonment along with forfeiture of their ill gotten assets,” the Acting Commissioner said.
Ellington who made his comments from Washington USA where he is currently on official business said the importance of this case cannot be overstated.
“This case is very important and the conduct of the operation demonstrates that our police understand the significance of what they are sworn to do. The follow-up work was impressive and I am very pleased,” Ellington said.
On Monday, January 11, at approximately 10:30am, members of the Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) and the TCND were alerted to a shipment which was located at Port Bustamante. The cargo was declared as containing two Barrels, one thirty gallon HUSKY compressor, one RIGID Vacuum Cleaner and One HUSKY Power Washer.
Based on an X-ray that was done on the cargo, the compressor had some inconsistencies as a result of which the entire shipment was detained and taken to the CET Office where a portion of the compressor was cut opened and the muzzle of a rifle was seen.
As a result of the discovery preliminary interviews were conducted and based on information obtained an operation was immediately planned for Portmore, St. Catherine in search of two persons whom it was believed could assist in the investigation. This operation led to the arrest of the two women.
The entire shipment was processed by Scene of Crime detectives and the contraband and the uncontaminated portion of the shipment was taken to TCND HQ for safekeeping.
Details of the guns and ammunition seized are as follows:
1. One .44 Pistol 2. One AK 47 Rifle 3. One AK 47 4. Desert Eagle 9mm pistol 5. Desert Eagle 9mm Pistol 6. One Mack 11 SMG 7. One Glock 27 Pistol 8. One 9mm Smith and Wesson Pistol 9. One 9mm Taurus Pistoll 10. One Luger P95 9mm Pistol 11. One Sites Spec TRE HC Pistol 12. One Keltek Sub Machine Gun
Five hundred and nineteen 9mm rounds Fifty .40 rounds Fifty one .45 rounds Fifty one .44 rounds Thirty two .50 rounds Six .357 rounds One .223 round Ten .380 rounds
Grand total seven hundred and thirty (730) assorted rounds.

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