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The Police are reporting a drop in all major crimes in the parish of Trelawny from January to December 4, when compared with the similar period for 2009.
In a report tabled at the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council by Detective Sergeant Rainford Whyte, on December 9, the crime statistics are showing approximately 226 offences committed up to December 4, in comparison to 315 committed in the corresponding period for 2009.
He credited the proactiveness of the police, the placement of additional officers on the streets; and co-operation from the public as some of the reasons for the inroads made in curtailing criminal activity in the parish.
According to Mr. Whyte, 23 murders were committed in the parish up to December 4, in comparison to 32 for the corresponding period in 2009; there were 18 incidents of shooting, as against 22 in 2009; 10 rapes, as against 30 in 2009; 24 robberies, as against 48 in 2009; 23 carnal abuse cases, as against 28 in 2009; 121 break-ins, as against 138 in 2009, and 7 larceny cases, as against 17 in 2009.
Mayor of Falmouth and Chairman of the Trelawny Parish Council, Colin Gager, expressed satisfaction with the report, adding that a low crime rate is what the residents of Trelawny expected.
“We are always free from crime in Trelawny, but somewhere or the other, the dragon raised its head, but we can say that the police, because of their active work, have gotten crime under control, and we think that this will work beautifully for the projects that are coming on stream and we will be able to sell Trelawny as a crime free parish,” he said.
All the Councillors at the meeting commended the police for the good work they have been doing throughout the parish.