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Lucea in Hanover has been refreshed to provide a more aesthetically pleasing environment for locals and visitors.

The improvement was done under the ‘Paint the City, Paint the Town’ project, which was officially launched in the parish capital on Friday (April 8), by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie.

The works included sprucing-up green and recreational spaces, painting murals to depict parish icons and landmarks, painting of the town’s seawall, and erecting a new sign at the Hanover Municipal Corporation building.

Repairs were also carried out at the Hanover transportation centre, which now has a new sign and a garbage disposal area.

A new sign was also mounted at the Cleveland Stanhope Market and the facility was repainted and beautified to enhance the experience of vendors and shoppers.

The town of Hopewell was also given a facelift and the town’s market rehabilitated.

‘Paint the City, Paint the Town’ is a national beautification initiative, to be executed over a three-year period.

It will generate employment through repairs, mural painting, street-sign installation, improvement of selected markets, among other activities.

Minister McKenzie said he is elated that a concept, which was originally slated to only take place in the Corporate Area, has blossomed into a national programme that is positively impacting the lives of people living in rural Jamaica.

“We will continue the work to improve and to uplift rural communities right across the country. It is not the amount that we spend, it is what we get in return. So, take some pride in what is being put down in the town, it belongs to you,” he told the citizens.

He said other programmes and developments are coming to Hanover as the Government is determined to fulfill the promise of making Jamaica a “peaceful and prosperous country.”

For his part, Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Sheridan Samuels, said the beautification works done in Lucea and Hopewell will benefit the citizens, who pride themselves on cleanliness and good health.

“We have been working so hard to ensure that we give a lot to the people of the parish of Hanover,” he pointed out.

The work done in Lucea and Hopewell will be taken to other towns across the country.

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