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The cleaning of the Lucea cemetery is the parish project for Hanover for Labour Day 2012 on May 23.

The project was chosen at a multi-sectoral meeting held in the parish council chambers on May 2, which was chaired jointly by council chairman and Mayor of Lucea, Shernett Haughton, and Custos of the parish, Dr. David Stair.

The representatives at the meeting agreed that the cemetery is in dire need of a facelift, and Labour Day provides the perfect opportunity to give focus to the facility.

A technical team from the council will be visiting the cemetery to do an assessment of the work to be undertaken.

Mayor Haughton and Secretary Manager of the council, Alfred Graham, committed to implementing a maintenance programme for the cemetery after it has been cleaned on Labour Day.

The official launch of Labour Day activities is slated to take place on Monday May 7 at Jamaica House. The emphasis will be on cleaning up communities, towns, villages and the physical environment for the Jamaica 50 celebrations.

The National Church Service is slated to take place on May 20 at the Calvary Baptist Church, Montego Bay.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter