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The potential for career development, job creation, and business opportunities, resulting from the multi-billion dollar Global Logistics Hub initiative is again being underscored by the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

State Minister, Hon. Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams, who spoke on the subject during her 2013/14 Sectoral Debate presentation in Parliament on Tuesday, June 25, said the hub is anticipated to generate career opportunities for unskilled, skilled, and highly skilled professionals in a number of industries.

These include: aerospace and aviation: maintenance, repair, and overhaul for airplanes; biotech and pharmaceutical; fashion and apparel; information and communication technology (ICT); chemicals and petrochemicals; entertainment and media; furniture and furnishings; automotive; marine and offshore – dry docking: ship and oil rig repair; logistics and shipping; food, beverage, and hospitality; and retail and fast moving consumer goods

Actual jobs expected to be generated, she said, include: warehousing and warehouse management; graphic design; legal services; engineering; food preparation and food processing; accounting; and intellectual property monitoring and management, among others.

The State Minister also pointed to a “new wave” of entrepreneurship activity for the micro, small and medium-size enterprise (MSME) sector. She contended that: “the logistics hub will not only transform our society in a comprehensive way, but will also be a catalyst for new business development in this country.”

“But, to benefit from the opportunities the industry will bring, we need to equip ourselves with the necessary skills, knowledge, and the business development support. The Logistics Task Force has joined with the learning institutions to make sure that persons are trained for the upcoming jobs,” Mrs. Ffolkes Abrahams said.

Contact: Douglas McIntosh

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