JIS News

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, is to meet with Councillors of the St. James Municipal Corporation on Thursday, April 12 at their monthly meeting.

Chairman of the Corporation, His Worship Mayor Homer Davis, told JIS News that the Minister’s visit is welcome, and Councillors are looking forward to his participation at their meeting.

“I think he’ll say something about the continuing construction of the Infirmary. He will also be handing over some much-needed equipment to help in the verge-cleaning exercise, and he will look at the whole matter of drain cleaning,” he said.

The visit will be the Minister’s fourth to a Municipal Corporation. So far, he has met with the St. Mary, Westmoreland and Clarendon Municipal Corporations.

On the matter of the new Charles Gordon market in the city of Montego Bay, Mayor Davis noted that the Council is in receipt of a design for a very modern facility.

“So, we’re now in the process of sourcing funding to have the project constructed. It’s going to cost a pretty tidy sum, but when it rolls out, based on what I’ve seen, people are going to be pretty happy about it,” he said.