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Executive Director of the National Library of Jamaica, Winsome Hudson, is appealing to film producers to comply with the regulations and deposit their works with the Library for archiving.
Speaking at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ briefing this morning (April 28), Mrs. Hudson stated that Legal Deposits are a mandatory requirement, but there has been no compliance from the local film community.
She explained that deposits are required to build the National Heritage Bank, a feature not uncommon to countries across the globe, which use the mechanism to acquire works to build national collections.
“The compliance rate from paper publishers is reasonable and, yes, we’re making lots of inroads into the music industry. But, I don’t think we’ve received one film, although films are covered under legal deposit. We’ve not yet received one film by way of legal deposit,” she revealed.
Mrs. Hudson stated that although the law provides penalties for producers who do not comply with the regulations, that approach has not been used.
She says that a process of ‘gentle persuasion’ has been used to encourage compliance but, if necessary, the Library might resort to other means to enforce compliance.
“The law makes the provision and, right now, it is a reasonably stiff fine, not a hundred-dollar fine. If we know that you are a publisher and you did not deposit, and we’ve made attempts and invited you to make deposits and you didn’t, then the regulations to the Act tell us that we can, through the Courts, seek to have you fined,” she pointed out.
Mrs. Hudson further pointed out that the acquisition department of the National Library has been very aggressive in spreading the word, resulting in favourable responses from other depositors.
The National Library is celebrating 30 years of existence and is using a series of activities, including a church service, a seminar, the launch of a literary publication, an exhibition, a concert and an awards ceremony to highlight the year.

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