JIS News

The Jamaica Local Organising Committee (LOC) is appealing to persons to carpool, if possible, when attending matches at Sabina Park during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.
According to Chairman of the Transport Sub-Committee for the Jamaica LOC, Major Desmon Brown, the park and ride arrangement for Sabina Park is designed in such a way to encourage carpooling. “We do not want everybody driving their own cars.we will need 16,000 spaces, which we do not have. We have car space for 4,000,” he told JIS News.
For a vehicle that has eight seats or less, persons will be required to pay $1,000, which will include parking and also tickets for everyone in the vehicle to ride on the shuttle bus to the venue.
If your vehicle has a capacity to seat nine to 15 persons, the cost is $1,500. Similar arrangements obtain for vehicles which seat 16 or more persons, it will cost $2,000.
“When you calculate it, the prices are not that expensive as we pay over $500 to park at certain events and when you come back, you cannot find your car. We are providing security, even bathrooms at the parking lots and all the proper facilities,” he noted.
“Your car will be secured for the whole day, not for only two to three hours, and we will be providing rides from the parking area for free,” Major Brown assured.
He explained further that there would be no rides for patrons parking at the Up Park Camp facility and as such, the parking fee will be $500. For those persons just requiring a ride to the venue, the cost will be $200.
Parking at the venue itself is very limited, Major Brown said, as there are approximately 40 spaces. No parking will be allowed near Sabina Park. The National Heroes Park, National Stadium car park, Up Park Camp, Urban Development Corporation (UDC) west car park and the playfield at Elletson Road Police Station, have been named as the official park sites.
For the Trelawny multi-purpose stadium, permanent parking facilities are now being put in place to accommodate the traffic expected for ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) activities.