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The National Literacy Poster and Essay Competitions were officially launched on September 8, to mark International Literacy Day.
The competition, organised by the Ministry of Education through the Education Transformation Team, will be staged under the theme: ‘Literacy the Best Remedy’.
Speaking at the launch, held at the Jamaica Employers, Federation (JEF), headquarters in Kingston, National Literacy Co-ordinator in the Ministry of Education, Laurel Brent Harris, said that the competition is geared towards improving the level of literacy, especially among school children, and would be undertaken through partnership.
“This competition is going to involve, not only students who are in schools at the primary and secondary level, but the competition will also take into consideration persons who are 18 years and over, and a special group will be a part of our activities and they are the college students who are being trained as the literacy specialists,” she explained.
The general guidelines for the poster competition are: schools and other institutions are encouraged to have as many students as possible to participate in the competition; schools are advised to select the three best products from each category for the regional competition; the three best products from each category from each region will be submitted for the national finals and all schools should submit their final selections by October 31, 2008, and teachers or lecturers should verify that the works are original.
In addition, all entries should be no less than 16×20 inches or 40×50 centimetres; all entries should be submitted in colour and all posters must be clearly labelled. Marks will be allotted accordingly: 20 marks for originality, 15 marks for craftsmanship and 5 marks for presentation.
As it relates to judging, the elements of design, principles, contrast, emphasis, the balance and the movement are areas which will be held in high esteem.
For the essay competition, there will be 15 marks for content; 5 marks for evidence of research; 15 marks for organisation; 10 marks for the use of language, and 5 marks for presentation.
The word limit will be based on the specific category. In the age group seven to nine years, 75 to 120 words are required; 10 to 12 years, 150 to 200 words; 13 to 17 years, 250 to 350 words; 18 and over, 500 to 700 words; and for the college students, 850 to 1,200 words.
Mrs. Brent Harris, in appealing for support, urged corporate Jamaica and everyone to get on board. She also implored the students to participate fully in the activities.
The period of September 7 to October 4 will be observed as National Literacy and Lifelong Learning Month, and activities will be held under the national theme: ‘Transforming a Nation Through Literacy’.
In addition to the poster and essay competitions, there will be a church service, media interviews, an Editors Forum, a National Reading Fair at the National Arena, conferences and a national Literacy Symposium.