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Literacy enables persons to become agents of change, Dean of Education at Howard University, Dr. Leslie Fenwick recently told a literacy conference, at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Mandeville.
“A literate individual possesses communicative competence, he or she is able to use knowledge for persuasive purposes with a deliberate desire to change thinking, attitudes and behaviour,” Dr. Fenwick said.
She pointed out that literacy is about national development and human empowerment, which enables individuals to gain access to critical information to analyze and solve problems.
“The 21st Century literate citizen adeptly manages the global flow of information and uses it as a tool of empowerment. Literacy must be the tool that empowers the individual and the community to operate with vision and passion in making sense of our lives, and the lives of others in the wider community,” the Dean stated.
The two day international conference, which began on April 8, sought to engage stakeholders in the education sector on new forms of delivering literacy at the early childhood, primary, and secondary levels.

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