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The Jamaica Agriculture Society (JAS) has assured that vegetable crops such as lettuce and tomato are available for the Christmas season. President of the St. James Association of Branches Societies, Glendon Harris, said that farmers are in the field trying to “get crops back on track,” after the recent hurricane and heavy rains.
“I see quite a bit of lettuce in the field and some tomatoes. We also have farmers who have sought to change from banana and are now diversifying,” Mr. Harris told JIS News. He noted however that “we are still going to be experiencing a shortage of a lot of crops. Cucumber is being grown and the farmers are trying to fill back the market as quickly as possible.” According to Mr. Harris, some typical Christmas crops such as sorrel have survived the recent heavy rains, while others are still making a comeback. “The sorrel survived. We have sorrel in adequate supply. The gungo, I have not been seeing much of it. I think the flowering process was hampered therefore we are going to be seeing it a little late,” he informed.
Weather events over the last two months have affected the supply of a number of produce, especially those popularly used during the Christmas season. Seedlings that were previously planted by farmers were destroyed during the heavy rains, thus farmers have been constantly replanting. “They are a little late in getting the field fully up and running. The demand for fertilizer is posing a problem to the farmers,” Mr. Harris pointed out.

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