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The Road Safety Unit (RSU) is reporting a 27 per cent reduction in road fatalities since the start of 2010, when compared with the corresponding period for last year.
Up to March 17, some 64 persons have been killed in motor vehicle crashes. This is 24 less than the 88 persons who died during the similar period last year. Twenty pedestrians were among the 64 persons killed, accounting for 44 per cent of the fatalities.
Education and Information Officer at the RSU, Mr. Julian Thompson, said although he was pleased with the reductions in other categories, the high number of pedestrian deaths is unacceptable.
“While we are grateful for the reduction in road fatalities, the Unit is still concerned about how pedestrians are using the roads. The RSU would like to urge pedestrians to utilise the areas of the roads designated for safe walking, such as pedestrian crossings, sidewalks and crosswalks,” he said.
While urging all road users to practise safe usage of the roads, Mr. Thompson appealed to motorists to make a special effort to look out for pedestrians and pedal cyclists.
“Pedestrians are the only group of road users without protective devices, therefore it is even more imperative to be vigilant and proactive about safety on the roads,” he stressed.
The RSU is also reporting a 24 per cent reduction in fatal crashes. Since the start of the year, there have been 60 fatal crashes, compared to 79 for the corresponding period last year.

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