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The establishment of a leisure park/green area, with flowers, paved walkways and seating in the Whitehouse area, has been selected as the Labour Day project for the parish of Westmoreland.
This project, which is estimated to cost in excess of $500,000.00, is expected to be a model for other parishes as well as to up-lift the township, giving greater pride and prominence to the growing fishing community.
The Labour Day church service for the parish is scheduled to be held on Sunday May 24, at the Church of Jesus Christ in Whitehouse. Persons from the business community as well as community groups and organisations will take part in the ceremony.
Addressing members of the Westmoreland Parish Labour Day Committee on May 12 in Savanna-La-Mar, Chairman, Councillor Paul Wilson, urged all councillors to plan projects in their respective divisions and mobilise citizens to participate, in keeping with the theme for Labour Day 2009: ‘Ketch the Vibes – Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification, Empowerment for Success (VIBES)’.
He also called on community groups and organisations to have their projects registered and forms returned to the Labour Day Secretariat for the parish, located at the Westmoreland Parish Council in Savanna-La-Mar, by Wednesday, May 20.
Speaking with JIS News after the meeting, the Chairman said that the project located in the heart of Whitehouse is expected to uplift the ambiance of the township and provide citizens with an area for relaxation.
“The careful selection of this project, offers the opportunity to be expanded on beyond a Labour Day project and become an institutionalised recreational park. It is intended that the community will be mobilised to develop the project beyond Labour Day. We are very heartened by the selection, because it will offer longevity and continuity for the community’s development. We expect that this project will inspire other persons across the community of Whitehouse and adjoining areas to identify other areas and beautify them accordingly, with this project standing out as the model,” Councillor Wilson said.
The Chairman pointed out that the parish project has received funding of $100,000.00 and that the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and the Westmoreland Horticultural Society will be providing flowers, fruit trees and other plants for projects in the parish.

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