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The Legal Medicine Unit is now conducting autopsies on all week days (Mondays – Fridays), according to a release from the Ministry of National Security, issued on Wednesday (March 17).
Conducting daily autopsies is part of efforts to make the operations of the Unit more efficient, and reduce the backlog of cases. Previously, autopsies were done two or three days weekly, resulting in a wait of up to 2-3 weeks, which has now been eliminated.
“The public is being reminded that scheduling of autopsies must be done only by personnel at the Legal Medicine Unit. The expediting of autopsies is also done only by the Unit,” the Ministry said.
Autopsies are only conducted by forensic pathologists from the Legal Medicine Unit, and no other person is permitted to conduct these procedures. With regards to procedures to be followed by the relatives of deceased persons, they are asked to arrive for registration at 8 am at the respective morgues.
The public has also been reminded that there is NO fee for autopsies, insurance reports, post-mortem reports or scheduling. Persons who are approached for payment, whether by a doctor, police personnel, morgue personnel or any other person, should call the Anti-Corruption Hotline at 1-888-CORRUPT (1-888-267-7878).
The Legal Medicine Unit is located at the Office Centre Building, 4th floor, 12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston. The telephone number is 924-9248.

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