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The Legal Aid Council is providing legal representation for persons who have been detained under the Limited Public State of Emergency declared on Thursday January 18, 2018 for the parish of St. James.

The Legal Aid Council in collaboration with Cornwall Bar Association has made available 19 Counsels, including six (6) Senior Lawyers to provide representation for the detainees.

Residents of St. James who have been detained may contact the Montego Bay Legal Aid Clinic, at 42 B Union Street, St. James or 9-5-2-2-1-8-3, or they may call the Cornwall Bar Association at 9-4-0-1-9-6-0.

Residents of St. James may also visit the Instagram and Facebook Pages of the Cornwall Bar Association for a list of the Lawyers who have been rostered.

(1) Executive Director of the Legal Aid Council Hugh Faulkner telephone
5-6-4-6-3-7-2 or 9-4-8-4-8-6-1
(2) or President of the Cornwall Bar Association, Stacy-Ann Young telephone 9-4-0-1-9-6-0 or 3-1-2-2-6-2-6.

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