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The Government officially handed over the Protocol House at 1 West Kings House Road to the Leader of the Opposition in November 2008. This fulfills a campaign promise by Prime Minister Bruce Golding to grant the Leader of the Opposition a permanent residence to conduct affairs of state.
The house, which was built before Independence in the 1950s, is a gracious two storey town house that sits on a generous property with lawns, mature shade trees and fruit trees. It has been the official residence of senior state officials for many years.
Some of the officials who have used it include:. Minister of Education, Howard Cooke – 1970s
. Chief Justice of Jamaica, Edward Zacca until retirement in 1995
. Minister of Mining, Horace Clarke – 1990s
. Minister of Tourism, Francis Tulloch until 2000s
The building had been unoccupied for several years and needed extensive renovation. Renovations included re-roofing, replacement of damaged wooden members including floor boards, paneling and staircase, fumigation for termites and other pests, stripping and polishing wooden floors and painting. A security post was built at the gate and flood lighting installed for the building and grounds. The grounds were re-landscaped, and included paving and marking the parking lot.
Now restored to its former glory, the building boasts a panelled reception hall, conference room to seat twelve persons, a reception room for courtesy calls, remodelled rest rooms, offices for administrative staff and an executive office. The terrazzo floors in the front and back verandahs are of pink Jamaican marble from Hellshire which was re-cut and polished. All rooms received tasteful interior design treatment in accordance with the status of the Leader of the Opposition.

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