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The St. Catherine chapter of the Lay Magistrates Association has donated $40,000 to the Dempshire Pen Basic School in the parish, in addition to groceries to assist in the school feeding programme.
President of the Association, Lieutenant Colonel Trevor McCurdy, handed over the cheque and the food items to principal Elvera Gayle at the school this morning (Sept.11).
He told JIS News that the donation was in keeping with the Association’s project for 2005/2006, which was aimed at engendering social change among inner city communities in St. Catherine. “You know the social unrest that goes on in St. Catherine (and) we thought that as a civic group, several projects could be undertaken to create social change and this is one such project,” he said.
“The youngsters, who are attending this school, are primarily from the surrounding inner-city communities. If we as justices (of the peace) can come and interact with them, they will become aware of the justice system and can associate us with those who have come to help them through their social ills,” he added.
“This project is one that I see as a lifelong intervention,” Colonel McCurdy stated, “and would recommend it to any organization”.
For her part, Mrs. Gayle said she was very pleased to receive the donation, which would go a far way in defraying the cost of providing meals and educational materials.
The Dempshire Pen basic school has a population of 70 students and three teachers.

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