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Road rehabilitation works being undertaken along the Lawrence Tavern main road in St. Andrew are scheduled for completion within the next four weeks.

The project, which commenced in March, is being executed by the National Works Agency (NWA) through a $60 million allocation under the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing’s Hurricane Sandy Road Rehabilitation Programme.

Work is to being done in the Mount Ogle community, where a large part of the road broke away during the passage of Hurricane Sandy last October. The repairs are valued at approximately $34 million and involve construction of a retaining wall and ‘U’ drain, laying of culverts, and the restoration of the affected section of roadway.

Additionally, a large breakaway near the Oberlin High School, also caused by Hurricane Sandy, and which reduced that section of the road to single-lane traffic, is being fixed at a cost of $25 million.

The works entail construction of a retaining wall, the improvement of the drainage infrastructure, and backfilling and asphalting of the affected section of the roadway.

State Minister for Transport, Works and Housing, Hon. Richard Azan, who led a team of officials on a tour of the project sites on Monday, April 29, said he is “very happy” with the extent of the work executed so far.

He noted that the repairs, which have a three-month implementation timeline, are “running ahead of schedule”.

“The report is that they (contractors) will complete one project in the next two weeks and the other one in the next four weeks, so they are really going ahead of schedule. I am really happy that…, at least, we are past the worst. In the next four weeks (or so), if all goes well, this road will be open to traffic. We are satisfied…with the type of work that is being done here,” Mr. Azan said.

In noting the need for maintenance of the country’s road infrastructure, Mr. Azan said the Ministry and NWA will be exploring measures to strengthen this area, during the current fiscal year.

Among those accompanying the Minister were NWA Chief Executive Officer, E.G. Hunter; and Member of Parliament for West Rural St. Andrew, Paul Buchanan.

N.F. Barnes Construction and Equipment Limited is executing the project at Lawrence Tavern, while Chin’s Construction Limited is undertaking works at Mount Ogle.

By Douglas McIntosh, JIS Reporter

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