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Legislation to reduce the cost of obtaining a land title, updating an existing title and to speed up the registration process will be enacted in another two months.
According to Land Tenure Specialist with the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP), Gloria Brown the Registration of Titles Cadastral Mapping and Tenure Clarification Special Provisions Act, otherwise referred to as the Special Provisions Act, is now before the Governor General for his signature.
It is expected that the legislation will provide for the waiver of certain land registration fees for specified lands in St. Catherine, thereby allowing more persons across a wider economic spectrum to obtain a new title or update their existing one as part of LAMP.
She noted that there were persons in these specified areas, who have titles but were unable to utilise them as there are costs involved once persons who are on the title have died. These include the cost of administration, the cost to probate the will and legal fees.
LAMP, she added, aimed to remove many of the costs because in the long run, a number of sectors stood to benefit, such as the construction industry.
“They will all benefit because persons will be able to deal with properties more freely,” Ms. Brown explained.
However, she also noted that the government was giving up “a lot” in terms of revenue with the impending waiver of duties, transfer tax and stamp duty.
Overall she anticipated that the enactment of the legislation would help update and regularise the country’s land tenure database.
The Government of Jamaica in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) provides funding for LAMP at a cost of US$12 million. The programme is slated to end in April 2006 at which point, the government will make a decision about replicating the programme in other parts of the country.

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