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The Caribbean Information Platform on Renewable Energy (CIPORE) will be launched tomorrow (April 24, 2009) at the Scientific Research Council (SRC) in Kingston, Jamaica.
CIPORE (www.cipore.org) is the information and communication system for the exchange of Renewable Energy information for the region. It will provide information on projects and media galleries of renewable energy sites among other things for the thirteen participating Caribbean territories.
Director at the Ministry of Energy and Mining Yvonne Barrett-Edwards said that “CIPORE represents a seminal moment in the development of the renewable energy sector in the Caribbean as it establishes a central point where governments, industry stakeholders/experts, investors and citizens across the region can access reliable information on the state and potential of renewable energy in the Caribbean”.
This she continued will “enable us to discuss and share best practices and ideas, keep abreast of new developments and merge intellectual innovations and thought with the skilled (technical) professionals and resources to collectively plan, strategize and drive regional transformation”.
Some of the major components of the Platform include: . An Information Centre with articles and speeches on renewable energy, a projects database, legislations, statistics and energy calculator.. A Communications Centre which features a directory, forums, chat rooms and access to host live meetings with up to 20 persons online from anywhere in the world. . A Demonstration Centre which facilitates access to photo and video galleries, media downloads and Virtual Tours of Renewable Energy sites across the Caribbean. . Every participating country also has its own Country Page which offers a Renewable Energy Snapshot, news, events and projects in the particular country.. The News section is devoted to Renewable Energy developments in the region for each participating territory.
Meanwhile Mrs. Barrett-Edwards also affirmed that CIPORE “is another indication of the region’s commitment to develop innovative programmes and facilities that further advance our alternative energy sector which helps us to diversify our energy mix and gradually break the dependence on and vulnerability to the volatile oil market”.
Uploading of information to CIPORE will be done from the National Focal Points (NFPs) in participating territories.
CIPORE had its genesis in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the SRC and CARICOM which was signed on September 26, 2008. The Caribbean Energy Information System which is headquartered at SRC won the consultancy to develop the platform.

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