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A heritage exhibition, depicting Jamaican culture and history, was staged by the Registrar Generals Department (RGD), in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine, on October 24.
On show were the last will and testament of National Hero, The Right Excellent George William Gordon, a list of the first registered marriages in Jamaica, and the first locally recorded bill of sale. Also in the mix were sumptuous Jamaican fare – ackee and salt fish, roasted breadfruit, coconut drops, gizzada and duckunoo.
Many customers visited the exhibition tent to peek, some watched from afar, while still others came forward and expressed themselves forthrightly.
“Me want some of that ackee and salt fish,” one customer exclaimed, then blushed when she realised that she had spoken loud enough for all to hear. Later on in the proceedings she got her wish in the form of a generous helping of roasted breadfruit and well seasoned ackee and saltfish, as did all the persons who came out to view the exhibition in the early stages.
On hand to serve visitors and customers at the exhibition were Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the RGD, Dr. Patricia Holness and staff members.
Another customer, Merlene Davis, stood off at a distance, with her daughter held loosely on her side.
Miss Davis told JIS News, that she was a very satisfied customer, and that she had come to look about her own birth certificate, as that had already been done for her child.
“I don’t need to worry about her,” she said, pointing to her daughter. “She was registered in hospital by the RGD when she was born, and she got her birth certificate free of cost. I am very satisfied with the service,” she declared.
Miss Davis was referring to the bedside registration service provided by the RGD in hospitals across the island, where representatives register all children at the time they are born.
The exhibition also contained replicas of old Jamaican maps, showing names of places long forgotten, and even listing free villages sited all over the island.

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