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Some 16.6 hectares (40 acres) of land have been identified in the Portland Cottage community of South Clarendon to relocate about 200 persons in that area, whose dwellings were severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan on September 10.
Danville Walker, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Office of National Reconstruction (ONR) met with residents of Portland Cottage on October 21 to discuss the relocation process.
Mr. Walker told JIS News that the land was situated in the Shearer’s Heights community in Portland Cottage, and that of the 16.6 hectares, about 4 hectares had been set aside for commercial purposes.
The CEO explained that help for the people would not be just zinc. “You need some structural adjustments,” he told the residents, adding that the community would be constructed with proper sanitation and public facilities.
Mr. Walker said that the residents were expected to make a contribution towards the purchase of the property, and that labour for construction was expected to come from the community.
He pointed out that the community would be constructed in two phases, with priority being given to those persons who were left homeless. He added that those residents who still had a proper structure, but who lived in a location considered to be unsafe, would be given attention in the second phase.
The CEO said that some persons would be able to access their homes by this Christmas.
Mr. Walker said that the list of those to be relocated, would be released this week, and his office would meet with the community on a weekly basis to provide the necessary follow-up information.Three other similar communities are to be built across the island at Rocky Point in Clarendon, Old Harbour Bay in St. Catherine, and Brighton in Westmoreland.

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