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Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) for Eastern Westmoreland, Luther Buchanan has informed that land has been identified in the Belmont/Whitehouse area for the construction of a cemetery.
“It is a fact that in the parish of Westmoreland, Whitehouse has the second highest number of persons and with that knowledge of an increase in the demand for burial space in the parish, the Westmoreland Parish Council has undertaken an initiative to establish a cemetery in the Belmont/Whitehouse area,” Mr. Buchanan said.
He added that the land has been made available through the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) and the site was examined by a group of agencies, environmental and legal bodies and was deemed suitable for that purpose.
Mr. Buchanan was making his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 8.
The MP said he would be donating $2 million from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) towards the construction of the cemetery. This, he said, would be supported by the Westmoreland Parish Council.
On another matter, Mr. Buchanan informed that he would be allocating $1.5 million from the CDF, over a two-year period, towards the Darliston Botanical Garden site. “Fortunately there exists already, a garden club of retired persons, gainfully employed persons and unemployed persons, with whom I will be partnering in a substantive way. This project is intended to be a local and international attraction, with a strong management team,” he said.
On the development of the Bluefields Beach Park, the MP explained that it was an “essential natural recreational area, which has served the people of Eastern Westmoreland for centuries.”
“Bluefields Park has tremendous potential for development. It has the potential to be a significant source of direct employment for the people in Eastern Westmoreland. It can also tremendously boost the tourism product in the area,” Mr. Buchanan said.
He also proposed, subject to environmental risk assessment, the following features for the park – tennis courts; volley ball courts; picnic area; table tennis/pool indoor sports area; swimming pool with swimming lessons provided; water slides at 45 degree angle to a swimming pool or to the sea; more shower and bath facilities; carousel or merry- go-round; kiddies amusement rides; bathing suit boutique; mento/ska/reggae performances; and a gift or souvenir clothing shop.

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