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The lack of electricity in Hanover and Westmoreland is the main concern of residents in both parishes.
Following the heavy rains over the last two days, several areas were flooded and power lines and poles damaged. This has left many areas without electricity up to Thursday (September 30).
Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator for Hanover, Olga Fae Headley, told JIS News that because of the number of damaged power lines and poles, most areas are still without electricity, but Jamaica Public Service (JPS) workers are working to restore power to those areas.
She noted that the inclement weather has resulted in a few houses in the Cacoon area being flooded out, and one house in the Kingsvale area collapsing. She said that there were also several land slippages.
She disclosed that the Greenland main road is impassable, as a huge tree has fallen across the road.
“The alternate route is by Davis Cove, but persons have to proceed cautiously there too, as no large units can go through because you have quite a few blockages as well, because of land-slips. But, that is the only way to get to Greenland (now),” she explained.
Other areas Mrs. Headley listed as having land slippages were Pell River; Jericho to Retrieve main road; Clifton; Moosley Drive; and the Bachelors Hall road. The Chambers Penn and Wood Lands roads are totally blocked by land-slippages.
She emphasised, however, that there was no need to open emergency shelters, as the few displaced persons have been staying with friends and relatives. She added that the water in all the flooded areas, including Lucea, has been subsiding as the rainfall lessens.
Westmoreland’s Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator, Vilma Tate, reported that the greatest need in the parish, at this time, is for the restoration of electricity. She said that the flooding situation has improved, as the rainfall subsides.
She pointed out, however, that three emergency shelters remain open in the Savanna-La-Mar area since Tuesday night, namely; the Savanna-La-Mar Primary School; New Testament Church on Ricketts Street; and the United Church in the Big Bridge area.
She also pleaded with residents who live in the low lying areas of the parish to seek safe grounds if the rain starts again, and not to wait until dark to do so.

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